Ellavi’s Impact


Ellavi UBT:
Turning the tide in the global effort to reduce Maternal Mortality.

Introducing the Ellavi uterine balloon tamponade, or UBT. This innovative medical device is designed to address the challenges caregivers face: to stop postpartum bleeding due to uterine atony.

The Ellavi UBT was designed in Africa for Africa by a biomedical engineering firm, Sinapi. Sinapi designs and manufactures high quality, affordable medical devices that have a life-saving impact.



Impactful & Cost Effective

Ellavi UBT provides a better option that fills the gap between prohibitively expensive UBTs and condom catheter balloons assembled at point of care. Ellavi UBT is fully assembled, quick to deploy, cost-effective and clinically tested. It is priced at a mere 1/20th of the cost of expensive UBTs produced in developed countries.

Ellavi UBT is a regulated medical device (CE Mark Expected Q1 2018)


Clinical trial shows Ellavi UBT is effective and safe for use.

Costs less than $10USD.

1/20th the cost of expensive UBTs

Evaluating the Ellavi UBT clinically resulted in no complications and all patients included in the case series had a good outcome. The device will contribute towards reducing maternal deaths due to postpartum hemorrhage.

— Gerhard Theron, Emeritus professor and former head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.