How Ellavi Works


How Ellavi works
Ellavi Uterine Balloon Tamponade (UBT)



Deploys Quickly

Ellavi UBT is pre-assembled, fills in under one minute, and acts swiftly to stop bleeding. It is easy to use and, once trained, any maternal health care provider should
be able to insert it.

Free-Flow System

Water moves freely between the balloon and the bag. As soon as the uterus regains its ability to contract, the water is pushed back towards the bag. This provides a visual indication of improved uterine contractility and facilitates faster balloon removal.

Vertical Pressure

Simply lifting the bag allows water to fill the balloon. Adjusting the vertical height of the bag controls pressure between the balloon and the uterus. This pressure needs to be slightly higher than the blood pressure in the uterus to stop bleeding.


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